April 28, 2008

TMI? I'm sorry. But this *is* funny.

I think if Maria can write a post about when she publicly peed her pants without forever blushing then I can write about this following embarassing tidbit: I just went to the loo and realised with shock that I am wearing my panties inside out. LOL.

I am never going to get dressed while not wearing my glasses again. ever.


LG said...

I've done that! And I don't even wear glasses.

Although after making that declaration, I'm thinking maybe I should get my eyes checked.

mcCutcheon said...

Thank you! thank you so much!
I'm terribly relieved that this doesn't just happen to me :)

Thomas J. Brown said...

Oh man, when I first read that, I thought it said that you were wearing your panties on the outside! After dying laughing from the hilarious mental image, I tried to figure out how not wearing glasses contributed to that.

That's when I realized what it really said.

mcCutcheon said...

thomas! how could you even think that? I mean, I'm dumb and hilarious sometimes, but I'm not THAT dumb and hilarious ;)

and just for the record: my vision seriously sucks. without glasses I wouldn't find my way to work. without glasses I wouldn't even find my own feet. or, as is now proven, not even the right side of underwear.

mcCutcheon said...

p.s. if I'd actually worn them on top of my other clothes I'd have been more worried about some kind of superhero-complex than mere bad sight LOL

Maria said...

Um...I have no shame. I do that A LOT. I'm just totally non-observant. I once went to a mall and wondered why everyone was staring at me so oddly.

I was looking at some earrings and caught an image of myself in the mirror. I had a blob of red on each of my cheeks where I had forgotten to rub in my blush.

So...peeing my pants? Panties inside out? No biggie.