May 14, 2008

karma killer?

I pretty much have the following stuck in my head:

And then you had to bring up reincarnation

over a couple of beers the other night
and now I'm serving time for mistakes
made by another in another lifetime
(Indigo Girls - Galileo)

I have no luck. I don't really know what I have done to deserve this, but somehow I always get it.
Turns out they're not budging. Not a bit. So now I have to find other ways, although I'm not very hopeful that they'll work out. If they don't, which is more realistic, I have to correct all of it.
I decided to first see if my other possibilities and strengths work out and give it until, say, July/August and then if I have to meet up with my crappy "advisor", get the corrections done and hand the shit in at the end of September.

And for now I'm putting this whole thing out of my mind as well as possible. Concentrating on work, fun, friends and having a good time.

And for today I'm going all Buffyesque: Me kick sandbag now. Want sandbag. Like sandbag. Sandbag good.

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