May 05, 2008


I called my uni today and they informed me that my thesis is not up to par. I can not take my oral exam in three weeks. The reasons they presented to me are ridiculous (I know that they're not rightfully failing me), apparently they are not happy with my citations (I strictly kept to the citation method of the American Psychological Association, apparently the folks here in Vienna are not aware that this is a widely recognised international citation method). I spent the first part of today on the phone to figure out a way to fight this. So far no one is behind me, the university unites firmly in support of my thesis advisor who, frankly, was an ass when I talked to him today. As was the department head of my programme, who should actually be helping me in this case.

I know that in the end I'll probably have to change some parts of my thesis in order for them to accept it. I know that I won't be able to take the exam this summer but only in November. I know that I'll have to pay another semester's tuition. They simply have more power than me in this case. I know that. But I am not going down without a fight. I will do my best to make them the most miserable I can. They shall regret having brought this upon themselves, because I shall see to it that they have so much work with this they're not gonna have time to simply take a dump. This is me when I'm angry, this is me when I fight. As Cpt. Picard would say: "Engage".

P.S.: and for now bring on the alcohol, videogames, and a lot of my work (which I suddenly like much more than yesterday) - basically what I need now is sex, drugs & rock'n'roll mixed with a bit of money-making at the paper and a good night's sleep.

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Holly said...

I'm also fighting the good fight with a university that screwed me over--I even hired a very expensive lawyer. So I say, "You go, girl!"